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What our patients say

Jenn Marie Amaral Giannotti

So happy to finally find a dentist that my daughter feels comfortable with! The positive attitude he has is beyond amazing. She is also being followed by dr lorenz as well...the whole office staff is amazing and such a friendly atmosphere.

Jennifer Katherine

Highly recommend! We have gone through several dentists, as my son had extreme fear and anxiety with all his previous dentists. There is something different about Dr. "Dan" that my son loves! Very relieved the dentist no longer involves tears and fear!

Kaleena Alloe

I'm a patient of Dr. Lorenz and was super excited that there was now a Pediatric Dentist now located in the same building. Dr. Dan met my almost 4-year-old for his first dental visit and it went extremely well. Dr. Dan was incredibly nice and he was so great with my kid. The staff throughout the two practices are friendly and I highly recommend both Dr. Dan and Dr. Lorenz.